Thursday, April 30, 2009

Update 4-30-09

Good Afternoon!

Time for a quick update before the girl's start yelling at me telling me they are hungry! Both girls again gained more weight overnight. Adison now is so close to 5 pounds, hopefully tomorrow she will be there. She weighs 4 pounds 15.2 ounces today. Aubrey is close on her tail weighing 4 pounds 11.7 ounces. They are getting so big! They are also very strong girls. Both of them are holding up their heads on their own when they are getting burped.

Adison's apnea is continuing but the Dr. is now thinking it is more of an acid reflux situation with her. Once her feeding tube is out we will see what it really it. He describes her situation as she is throwing something up, not knowing what to do with it in her mouth and she stops breathing to try and fix it. The Dr. said she has great skills on swallowing she just needs to learn how to solve the problem on her own without gaging. I would love it to just be caused by the tube! That would be amazing. Aubrey is continuing to be a go with the flow girl. She does not mind being poked or prodded, as long as someone is paying attention to her. She is continuing to have no apnea, just a little tear duct that is bothering her at the moment.

Have a great afternoon and by the way - Go Blazers!

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