Monday, April 27, 2009

Update 4-26-09

Good Morning!

Today the girls had a very exciting day. Their Great-Grandma Pat and their sudo-auntie Meg came to visit them. Thanks for coming Meg! You are going to have to send me the pics Jeff so nicely took of you with the girls.

The girls are continuing to gain weight, I guess they really want to come home huh? Today Aubrey weighs 4 pounds 3.9 ounces while Adison weighs 4 pounds 8 ounces. They are looking bigger and bigger by the day! They are now on full feeds of 40 ml every three hours. They are continuing to get mainly from me or a bottle, but they do continue to get feed through their feeding tubes if they are too tired for the other two options. Since they are preemies they do get very tired easily, which stresses them out. Once they are able to take every feeding by bottle or from me their tubes can get take out.

Today they continue to co-bed in one crib. Either tomorrow or the day after they will get split back up to two separate cribs. They split them up to see if they can regulate their body heat on their own. Right now they are keeping each other warm, but their Dr. wants to see if they can do it on their own. They also are going to be split up because all of the new research (really new, Jeff and I were told different not two months ago) is pointing to having twins in separate beds. This reduces SIDS dramatically.

Have a great day!


Meg Pie said...

It was so good to see you and hold Aubrey yesterday!!!!!!!
I will post pics asap!
Sounds like their cousin will be arriving soon!!!

Bob Saget said...

This still seems odd to me. Just a few weeks ago we were told how bedding them can REDUCE it increases it? Thinking we may need to do our own research and decide. :-)