Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's quiet here - Time to blog...

It is actually quiet at the moment, so I must update this! Our lives are so busy - I am totally slacking on keeping this up to date. Things are settling at home. Jeff went back to work this week and luckly the two days that he went into the office, my parents split up and were here with me so I am not alone! Tons of thanks to them!!!! Today was a busy day for the girls. I had my 6 week appointment at my OB so my Dad so kindly came and watched Aubrey for me so I only had one baby to watch at the Dr's. Everything checked out great for me. Adison is going to the Dr. tomorrow to get a little check on her apnea. She is off and on with those cases. She can go a few days with no apnea but then she can have a severe case the next day. We are being worried parents and are taking her in to see what else we can do to make her grow out of this quicker.

Other than her apnea spells things have been going great. Jeff and I are both doing night duty for now. We have decided it is easier to both do it rather than split them up. We are keeping the girls on the same schedule, which is working wonderful. Yesterday we had a Community Health Nurse come out a weigh the girls. They are gaining weight so quickly. Two weeks ago Aubrey was 6.4, one week ago she was 6.14 and yesterday she was 7.7 - Wow! Two weeks ago Adison was 6.9, one week ago she was 7.5 and yesterday she was 7.14.

Here are some new tummy time pics and a pic of my two-handed feeding techniques ~ Enjoy!

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Our First Walk!

With the weather being so nice this weekend, we decided to take our first walk around our neighborhood.

Jenny on the phone (hmm...reminds me of???)

Back on the phone again (oh right, Kate Gosselin! ;-) )

Tummy Time!

We spent some tummy time yesterday evening after our guests left.

Sleepy Aubrey

Adison Not Feelin' It

Photo Op with Dad!

Mom's Birthday Party!

We celebrated Jenny turning THIRTY (30) on Saturday!!! My family came down with Great Grandma Bates from Georgia. A very fun and special visit!

Birthday Party on the Deck:

Great Grandma Holding Adison:

Family Time

Happy Birthday Jenny! We love you!!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

2 kids at home tomorrow!

It has been such a long time since I have posted :(

Things are going really well at home. All Aubrey has been doing is eating, sleeping and pooping. She is rarely awake past her feedings, but that is normal for preemies. She usually sleeps anywhere from 2-4 hours then wakes herself up to be fed. She is a really good traveler too. She has been to my Uncle Dave's house for a Mother's Day BBQ and to Burgerville for a school function. She just slept the entire time at both places!

Adison is doing really well also. Her apnea episode are getting less frequent and less severe. She had one today after she was being fed, but fixed it on her own. Her last episode where she needed stimulation was yesterday while I was in the bathroom. She saved it for Jeff! We are headed home with her tomorrow and are bringing home a apnea home monitor for her. It is very loud and scary (for me) but we are glad to be bringing her home. I am nervous about the unknown and having two newborns at home but I am sure we will survive and be OK.

I can't believe it but the girls will be a month old tomorrow! They are still only 37 weeks and 2 days tomorrow but it has been a month since they were born! I am amazed by that!

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Settling in at Home

Jeff, Aubrey and I are settling in at home awaiting Adison's arrival next week sometime. Aubrey had her 1st Dr. appointment this morning. She was doing wonderful until the Dr. had us take all of her clothes off. That girl hates being naked and cold! The Dr. said that everything looks great for her! My Mom and I visited Adison today and she was doing great also. The Dr. is looking at Tuesday/Wednesday for her discharge date. She is getting sent home on a apnea monitor so Jeff and I can be aware of her reflux apnea issues while she is sleeping. This is scary that she is still having issues but it is totally normal for her age and she will grow out of it soon. Today at the Dr. Aubrey weighed 5.7 pounds and Adison weighed 5.9 at the hospital.

Here are some pics from Aubrey's first bath at home... She was a smelly baby!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Our Sleepless Nights Are Beginning!

Aubrey is officially coming home today! I wish we could bring Adison home also but she had another apnea episode last night - I can't wait for her to go 5 days and can join us at home. Other than her episode last night everything else has gone very well today. They both gained weight again too. Aubrey weighs 5.3.5 and Adison weighs 5.8. They are big girls now! The preemie clothes that I have bought are getting too small!

Gotta get packed up so we can head home!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1 Baby Coming Home

Jeff and I are running around trying to get everything ready because Aubrey is coming home tomorrow! She is doing so well that her Dr. can't see why she needs to stay there any longer. That has it's pros and cons - but Jeff and I are very excited to have one of our girls come home. Adison will be coming home in the middle of next week. She has to go 5 days with no apnea spells. She had one last night - please pray that she gets over that soon so she can come home and we can be our family of 4 finally!

I think we have everything ready - I THINK. We will see tomorrow. Forgive me if posting gets slower. I actually have a baby to take care of now!

Quick weight check - Aubrey 5.2 ~ Adison 5.7

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Getting Ready to Come Home!!! 5-5-09

The girls are starting all of their preparations for coming home. Jeff and I brought in their car seats today so they can do the car seat challenge in the next couple days. They have to be strapped into the car seat and have no apnea for 1 hour to be released from the hospital. Today they also both had their hearing tests and passed with flying colors! They are both doing their feedings from me or bottle only. Jeff ran milk up to the hospital at 9:30 last night and saw that Adison's feeding tube was removed also! They look so cute with no tubes up their nose. Adison gained weight overnight, she now weighs 5.5 pounds and Aubrey did not gain any. She is still at 5.1 today.

Jeff and I are hustling around getting things ready for them to come home. The Dr. predicts that they will be home before this weekend!!!!

Monday, May 4, 2009

Update 5-4-09

Good Morning! It has been a big morning here with the girls. As you can see from above the girls are now in separate cribs in preparation to head home. Adison is now alone in the crib and Aubrey is in the bassinet. They look so sad in the own beds but that is the recommendation - keeping them separate for their own safety. Both of the girls are starting all of their going home routines. Aubrey got her feeding tube out this am since she is able to take all of her feedings from me or a bottle. Adison still has her tube in for a day or two since she is a little lazier with her feedings. Both girls are having to keep up their own temperatures now. They can't rely on each other for heat anymore. Also, they are both over 5 pounds now. Aubrey weighs 5.1 and Adison is 5.4 today. They look so big compared to their birth pictures. I can't believe that they are 20 days old today. It feels like just yesterday I was getting ready for the C-Section. How time flies!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

No energy...

I am so tired and have no energy to make a long post...

But, I can at least do a weight check. Adison ~ 5.2 Aubrey ~ 4.14

We are headed home to sleep and I will post more tomorrow when I am awake!

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Down at the car wash!

Today was bath day!(and wow, did they need it!)

Here is Adison getting all clean. She looks like she is at a 5 star resort spa with her leg all lounged out!

Here is Aubrey getting all clean! She loved the bath!

Quick weight update: Adison - 5.2 pounds Aubrey 4.12 pounds. Jeff and I are running off to do some errands.... update more later!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Update 5-1-09

Good Afternoon! I am so glad it is Friday and 70 degrees! I have a little time to update before Jeff arrives here and we get to give the girls their first bath from us! There will be tons of photos taken that I will post tomorrow! It is a major photo op! The girls had another great day today. Adison has reached the 5 pounds mark! Hooray! Aubrey is also on her way there but did not gain any weight overnight. She remains at 4.11.7 pounds today. Adison has not had any cases of apnea when I have been here today. Just a little reflux 10 minutes before it is her feeding time. I guess she is using that to remind me to get her lunch ready. Both girl's eyes look much better today. The Dr. is still keeping watch over them but they are not infected as we thought.

Gotta go get ready for their baths.... Bye :)