Friday, May 1, 2009

Update 5-1-09

Good Afternoon! I am so glad it is Friday and 70 degrees! I have a little time to update before Jeff arrives here and we get to give the girls their first bath from us! There will be tons of photos taken that I will post tomorrow! It is a major photo op! The girls had another great day today. Adison has reached the 5 pounds mark! Hooray! Aubrey is also on her way there but did not gain any weight overnight. She remains at 4.11.7 pounds today. Adison has not had any cases of apnea when I have been here today. Just a little reflux 10 minutes before it is her feeding time. I guess she is using that to remind me to get her lunch ready. Both girl's eyes look much better today. The Dr. is still keeping watch over them but they are not infected as we thought.

Gotta go get ready for their baths.... Bye :)

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