Tuesday, August 17, 2010

10 on Tuesday

Every blog I read has a "10 on Tuesday" post... I guess I better jump on that bandwagon. So, here are 10 things you might not know about Aubrey & Adison.

1. Aubrey & Adison were born 7 weeks early. They were the cutest 4 pound babies!

2. My water broke Easter night. I thought I was going to die on Easter... and I was HUGE. Like the size of a house... no joke - Ask my cousins they will tell you they were alarmed at the gigantic stomach. Just think if I would have gone longer... ugh!

3. Aubrey is 1 minute older than Adison ~ they would have been born at the exact same time but Adison was "swimming" away from the Dr.

4. Aubrey was born with a twisted/bent left foot. Her foot was bent inward. This was probably due to having Adision squishing her for 7 months. The PT worked with Aubrey and her nurses in the NICU and her foot is totally straight now.

5. Aubrey also had a herniated belly button. It should not have been funny - but Jeff and I sure got a laugh when her belly button would shake when she would yell. Again, it is all better now.

6. Adison was a very lazy eater and breather when she was born. She had to spend an extra week in the NICU, since she could not get the suck/swallow/breathe method down. You would not be able to tell with her belly now!

7. Adison is OBSESSED with animals, especially dogs and cats. She knows exactly what page in every book we own has a picture of a dog or a cat. We get to look at those books every. single. day.

8. Adison is also a very silly girl. She loves doing things to get a laugh out of people. Her new thing is bouncing her head around and fall down on purpose. Not very safe - but she thinks she is quite funny.

9. Aubrey & Adison are OBSESSED with Justin Bieber. Every single morning (no exaggeration) Aubrey will find my phone and/or computer and shout "baaa-beee." That is right, Jeff and I get to listen to "Baby" by Mr. Bieber at least five times a day. I can sing every word and I almost have Ludacris' part down. This might be a new talent for me. King Elementary Talent Show here I come!

10. Both girls have very special middle names. Aubrey's middle name is Diane ~ which is in memory of Jeff's late mother. Adison's middle name is Stephanie ~ which is in memory of my late cousin on the Conway side. We miss Diane and Stephanie daily - we are very proud that their memory continues in our beautiful girls.

Friday, August 6, 2010

Visiting the Oregon Coast Aquarium

The girls loved the fish, as you can tell!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beach Trip!

Jeff and I took the girls to the Newport, Oregon to go to the beach today - we had tons of fun! We were gone about 12 hours and the girls did wonderful.

We went to Oregon Coast Aquarium

We then went to the beach! We hade to HIKE down and up this gigantic hill! I thought my calves were going to die on the way back up - Jeff was amazing and carried Aubrey back up for me ~ they get heavy so fast! The girls did NOT like the sand at all. Aubrey was fine once her shoes were back on but you can see that Adison wanted nothing to do with the beach!!!

Aubrey wanted to play forever - we decided it was time to go when her lips were turning blue!

We then went into the town of Newport to walk along the piers. We got to see the famous sea lions!

This is what happened 5 minutes after we loaded up in the car to head home!!!