Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Girl's Update 4-21-09

Good Afternoon! It has been another wonderful day here in the NICU. I can't believe how fast the time flies by. I pack bags full of stuff to work on and I can't seem to get a thing done! I am spending to much time just staring at them.

The girls had another great day and night. Last night Jeff and I arrived at the hospital to see the girl's getting their labs worked up. It turns out that there was a medicine switch made by their day nurse yesterday (she gave the babies each other's TPN -total parenteral nutrition - on accident). Luckily, their bags were not that different so they are fine.

Adison got her IV taken out this AM. She looks like she feels much better without this big IV hanging out of her foot. She is still being a lazy breather, but I am reassured time and time again that it will go away. I just HATE hearing the alarms go off that she is not breathing! It drives me nuts. Adison now weighs 4 pounds 5 ounces, she is slowly getting back up to her birth weight. Today I also got to see their Apgar scores from their birth. Adison was a 9 at 1 minute and a 10 at 5 minutes. The nurse told me that babies NEVER get that high of a score for being born C-Section. Adison is a little trouper though. You can tell from day 1. Her personality it totally coming out also. Jeff and I are in for it with her. If she does not get fed or what she wants immediately, she becomes a very loud screamer!

Aubrey is also getting her IV out this afternoon. The Dr is letting her finish her TPN bag that they hung this morning. Aubrey's apgar scores were 8 at 1 minute and 9 at 5 minutes. Aubrey is also getting bigger and bigger. She is catching up very quickly to Adison. She now weighs 4 pounds exact, which is only 1 ounce away from her birth weight. Aubrey is the go with the flow baby. She is a good eater, but she let you know if you are running late with her food. She is doing very well with her breathing, she does not have as many apnea issues as Adison.

Oooppps... Adison is waking up. I better get their feedings ready!!!

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The Gustafson Family said...

I think I forgot to tell you Congratulations!! The girls are darling and your are going to have so much fun with twins! Your dad golfed with my dad on Sunday and he is such a proud Grandpa. By the way, I love their names. And thank you for your prayers for our family. We will pray that you can take those 2 beauties home very soon.