Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1) Jeff is watching "Modern Marvels - Truck Stops" in the room I am in. Really?!?! This has got to be the lamest show ever... Oh wait, he watches car auctions too. Eww.

2) I guess I am too lazy tonight to get up from the couch and go watch interesting TV.

3) I am procrastinating hard-core. I have a pile of 24 conference reports to do for Thursday and Friday. They are sitting so nicely in my cute teacher bucket on the floor - I do not watch to disturb them.

4) Jeff and I took the girls to Roloff farms last weekend. So fun! They even got to go on the pony ride - Adison HATED it, Aubrey loved it. If you know them, you know how backwards that is.

5) We also went to the Columbia employee store last weekend. I heart that place, my new fuzzy jacket is amazing! I think they should give teachers year round passes to all employee store, it is a little payment for all we do.

6) School is still crazy. Some days I feel like I am herding cats. I have 24 kiddos, but we heard another K kiddo is coming, ugh :( My Principal observed me and wrote me the cutest note - "K teachers have a special place in Heaven." I just hope their is no snot, gas noises, whining or tattletales there.

7) Speaking of tattletales I have broken out the tattle phone in my room already. I have 3 girls that would tattle ALL DAY long if I let them. The tattle phone is red and goes straight to the President's Office!!! :) I have one girl who simply tells me, "Obama needs to hear this."

8) I had a little boy get stung today by a bee. Low and behold another little girl got stung in the bathroom later in the day... Hmm ?!?! Did they think I was going to fall for that?

9) Oh wow, Jeff is now watching a show about knives, ugh!

10) Aubrey and Adison are doing great. They both are in the beginning stages of potty training. It is exciting but I don't know if we are ready for the messes to come :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

10 on Tuesday

1) Today my classroom was like a zoo, really! I had roaring and crawling on the ground going on... how many more days of school?!?!

2) I have 24 (READ THAT AGAIN 24) 5 year-olds in my classroom... Not cool! My tables, chairs and mailboxes are maxed out. No more kids please - try another school :)

3) I have a child in my room that is a major crack up. He tries to bribe me (brings me quarters) to let him ride the bus. He can't though since he is on a boundary exception. I told him that his mom needs to write me a note if he is able to ride the bus. He brought me a note with scribbles on it. I asked him what it said, and he told me, "white people can't read Spanish Gay." Yeah, that is right he calls me "Gay."

4) I hate laundry! I will fold it all day long, but I hate putting it away. That is Jeff's job which means it sits on the couch in our room until I get tired of it and put it away. Jeff has a sweet life!

5) Jeff and I took Aubrey & Adison to Chuck E Cheese's tonight for my school's fundraiser. The girls loved it! Aubrey was that special child that screamed after every ride - mad that I took her off of it.

6) Juno is sick :( Poor guy - I have to get some pureed pumpkin tomorrow which is supposed to help his tummy.

7) I am in love with Glee. Is it bad that Jeff and I skipped a bath for the girls tonight so we (Jeff wants me to put "I" but he was on the couch watching it with me!) could watch it???

8) Jeff and I are very perplexed on how the girls take after one side of the family in every aspect. Aubrey's middle name is Diane (Jeff's mom who passed away when he was a baby) and she looks so much like Diane. Aubrey also has Paul's (Jeff's Dad) hair... total curly! Adison's middle name is Stephanie (my cousin, Stephanie Conway who passed away) and she is a total CONWAY. She is rough and tough and has that Conway build. Adison is also being miss bossy --- not at all like Stephanie :) -I have very fond memories of Stephanie running practices for our Christmas plays. She even put one of our cousins in time-out for not following the practice rules.

9) Jeff and I are looking forward to Halloween with the girls. Jeff loves going to my Grandma Pat's for her full size candy bars. She is "known" around the neighborhood. She is so cute - she still dresses up too!

10) Halloween is not allowed at my school. Kids can't dress up, we can't read Halloween books, etc. I have a feeling I will have a few kids dress up - some parents are not really reading the things I send home. I have been getting tons of calls about when things are... Just read the papers people!