Monday, May 10, 2010

Guess what happened today...

This morning was going so great! Until I get back to my classroom from my "no-cell phones allowed" meeting to find a voicemail from baby school. It seems that everyone is there is convinced that Adison has chicken pox. This poor girl. She has eczema that comes and goes, that is treated by some high powerful cream. Well, this weekend she started getting eczema on her arms followed by some red dots - that went away when we put the cream on. Now I get a voicemail that she has them all over her tummy and back and her girl-area.

I can't find a sub anywhere (really people, I teach kindergarten - it is like paid playtime for a sub). So, Jeff has to leave Lake Oswego after just getting there 1.5 hours before. He gets the girls and ends up taking them to the Dr. He has a fun experience there (a RUDE lady decided to yell at them for being late - she then got paid back by two VERY LOUD yelling girls she had to watch while Jeff checked in).

Turns out she has a viral infection (thanks RYLEE for sharing!!!!) that is just like getting a runny nose. She just has super sensitive skin.

Jeff gets the super-dad award again for today!!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

New Milestones!!!

1st Birthday Pictures!

No time for words...

My eyes are getting heavy... here are some recent pictures though!!!