Thursday, April 23, 2009

Update 4-23-09

Good Afternoon! As you can tell, the girls are finally together in one crib. Yesterday they passed their temp test and they held their temps where they needed to be all day long with out the bed helping them. They got moved into one isolete last night and one crib together this morning. It is so funny watching them just stare at each other. They are constantly hitting each other with their hands and feet. Aubrey smacked Adison this morning and Adison just stared at her, probably wondering where that hand came from.

The girls are both doing very well today. They each gained weight again last night! Aubrey is now over her birth weight, weighing 4.2 pounds. Adison is still the front runner though, weighing 4.6 pounds. She is only .1 away from her birth weight also. We were all assuming that they would be loosing weight since their IV's were taken out but they have not been showing that yet. I had a great lesson today on how to change diapers quickly. I was taking my time with Aubrey and she sent a nice #2 squirt my way. It ended up on the blankets, her foot, Adison, my finger and the clean diaper I had waiting. I guess I need to be WAY faster next time. Adison is continuing to drive me crazy with her apnea. All of the nurses try to reassure me every time I bolt up when the alarms blare, that this is typical of their gestational age. Today they are gestationally 34 weeks and a day. I don't care how old they are - she needs to STOP doing that. How nice - she just did it again!!!! What a stinker. Today the girls are also working to get off the feeding tubes. They have tubes now that go directly into their stomachs but we are working at weening them off of them so the tubes can come out. At their feedings they either get to be breastfed or bottle fed now. I am so excited that Jeff will finally get to feed them! Aubrey drank all but 10 ml of her bottle this morning. Their nurse said that is great - she is getting the suck/swallow/breathe technique down.

I hope all is well for everyone. I heard this morning that if they keep doing so well, they will be here for 10 more days max!!!!

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The Gustafson Family said...

I'll bet you are getting anxious to take them is so cute to see them togther in the same crib!