Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Update 4-29-09

Good Afternoon! I am so glad the weather is nice out today! Much better than yesterday! I went to the store this am and got the girl's some new sleepers. They love them and only had one pair that fit them. I love the ones I got this am - check them out in their pics!

I just got done talking with the girl's Dr. and hearing their updates for today. Both girls gained weight again overnight! This is one of their requirements for being discharged, so we are happy about every ounce. Aubrey now weighs 4 pounds 9.2 ounces and Adison now weighs 4 pounds 13.4 ounces. Both girls had their eyes looked at by the Dr. today. They both have little eye boogers (as Jeff calls them) in their left eye. The Dr. is not too worried, he is just going to watch it and see what happens. Adison had one apnea issue last night where she needed moderate stimulation. That is when the nurse needs to rub her back, etc. to get her to remember to breathe. She has to go 7 days without any of those cases before she goes home. The Dr. asked me today how I feel about maybe taking one of the girls home first and keeping Adison here until she does go the 7 days. Maybe that threat will help Adison to remember the rule of breathing!


Becky Brooks said...

Jeff and Jen- Your little girls are sooooo CUTE and tiny!! COngrats! I just got on and checked them out. Good luck you guys!!

Meg Pie said...

Too bad that's not Adison's middle finger up...that would be hilarious and make my day...and I know her daddy would be proud...they have changed so much since I saw them Sunday!!!
I may need to come give them more lovin this weekend...