Saturday, April 25, 2009

Update 4-25-09

Well... I am slacking behind and not updating the blog fast enough I hear. So, here we go...

Yesterday and today the girls have continued to do very well. I had to go see the Dr. yesterday but it turns out that I am just doing to much and not taking it easy. Jeff loves to point out that he has been telling me that for a LONG time. It is just very hard to take it easy when I feel good and have many things to do. Oh well, I guess I have to listen to the Dr. now.

The girls are both continuing to gain weight daily. They are both above their birth weights now. Aubrey weighs 4.3 and Adison weighs 4.7. They both are continuing to get their feedings from me or a bottle when I am not with them. We are working to give them either at both feedings, so their feeding tubes can come out. Once they are doing full feedings of either the tubes can come out. That will be great to see them without tubes up their noses. Adison is continuing to have a few apnea issues daily but she is still (for the most part) fixing it on her own without help. Both girls are also waking themselves up for feedings and are very hungry when they wake up. This is great news and another step in the right direction to get them to come home.

Today they had a big day with visitors. Their Great-Grandma and Great-Grandpa Wilson came to visit them and they got to hold them. Tomorrow their sudo-Auntie Meg is coming also with Meg's mom and their Great-Grandma Pat. As you can see from the picture, Jeff and I are working on holding both girls at the same time. It will not be long before that is our daily routine at home!!!!

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