Thursday, April 2, 2009

31 Weeks and Counting!

I can't believe the girls are almost here! I am now 31 weeks and we are shooting to get to 36 weeks, so only 5 more weeks to go. This week I had another Dr. appointment, Non-Stress Test and an ultrasound. What a way to spend my Spring Break vacation! I have to admit - it has all been spent shopping, sitting on the couch and go to the doctors. Not a bad way to spend a week!

This week all my appointments went very smooth. We have decided that the girls do not like the Non-Stress test. They can handle it and be calm for the first 20 minutes but then the last ten is a pain to keep the monitors on them! They must not like me being on my back for so long. I am now measuring around 39-40 weeks. No wonder I am getting stared at everywhere we go! It is getting harder and harder by the day to get around. The littlest things make me so tired. I am so thankful that Jeff is ready and waiting to help me with anything!

We also had another ultrasound yesterday. The girls looked great and were very active. They are both around 4 pounds now which is around the 50% percentile. Very normal for twins. We got to see Aubrey sucking her fingers and hiding down in my hip like she loves to do. Adison on the other hand loves to be transverse and push herself up into my ribs everyday! What a stinker! At the ultrasound they noticed that Adison's fluid is a bit more than Aubrey's. This could be due to many different things. It could be her position, the movement they are doing, etc. This is a bit of a red flag but not a huge one. The Dr. will just be keeping a closer eye on them from now on. If they do continue to grow at different rates there is the possibility of delivering them early for their health and safety. Nothing to worry about we have been told, just something to keep an eye on.

I go back to the Dr. on Monday - keep checking back for more updates!


Meg Pie said...

I cannot wait!!!!!!!
Tell Jefferson that I need a call the MINUTE you go to that hospital!!!!

Meg Pie said...

And we ARE taking more belly pics at Easter!!!!! If you last that long! =) cook babies cook!!!
Love, Your favoritist auntie in the world!