Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Pictures For Mom!

Mom is away at a conference in Yakima, so we get to kick it with Dad for 72 hrs. Here are some pictures for her:

Watching Finding Nemo:

Adison and Juno:

Smiley Aubrey:

And here's a video of us loungin' in the living room. Dad is being a dork. Aubrey is dancing at the end (the battery went flat and missed squeeling laughter...oh well, next time).

Friday, July 24, 2009

New Kicks!

The girls and I are so happy - we finally got AC installed into our house! After, much pressuring (I was nice the whole time - did not complain once) Jeff and I finally got it installed. Things are much cooler now and everyone is much happier!

Today we tried the girls out in their Bumbo chairs. They loved them! Juno is very curious about them and has to smell every inch of the chairs. The girls can almost hold their heads up on their own, but until then I have been stuffing a blanket behind their necks to help them.

Also, today they became official "Conway" children and wore their first Nike outfits and shoes. My Aunt Lynn works at Nike, for those of you who don't know. Nike is the official Conway Family sponsor! They looked so cute in their Nike kicks and onesies!

Here are a few pics from today's happenings:

Also, Jeff's dream came true and the girls got to go to the racetrack. We went with some of our friends last Wednesday to PIR. We got to see my school's Drumline perform (hence the girls' headphones), watch some cars race, see some classic cars and then we all went out to dinner together. Here are some of those pics

Oh yeah... I also finally got Aubrey to smile on camera. Check these out

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Guess What.... We Smile Now!!!

Can you believe the girls are now 3 months old??? It seems like yesterday when I felt like I was going to explode at Easter brunch!!

Things are going wonderful here. The girls are doing so well. We had two major milestones met recently - they are now smiling and sleeping through the night!!!! It is so nice to not have to get up every 3 hours. It is so much easier to make it through the day being rested. Their little smiles are so cute, they are smiling at everything!

Here are a few recent pictures of the girls from our new camera. I love it!!

Adison being all smiles

Aubrey smiling for Jeff's silly sounds

Jeff posing with the girls

Thunder thighs times two

Adison showing her new unicorn lovey that Mike Lazer's (he works with Jeff) family sent the girls

Aubrey can't stop trying to eat hers

Our electrician just finished his work for our AC that is getting installed on Friday. YEA!!! I am gonna go check out his work with Jeff!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Monday, July 13, 2009

Time to Catch-Up!!!

Things have been super busy and we have had no time to update lately... Here is a wrap up of all the great things that have been happening at the Gay house and a few pictures to go along with them.

Sunglasses: I found these great sunglasses at Target and just had to get them. Let's just say that the girls did not love them as much as I did! Well, Adison liked hers a little by the end...

Swings: The girls are finally able to fit into their swings. They really like them, unless Aubrey is in one of her moods and does not like anything. Speaking of her mood's Aubrey has decided that she wants things on her own terms at all times lately. My cousin Meghan (who is SO nice and spends the night to help me one night a week) and I have nicknamed her HM (High Maintance). Hopefully we get done with this stage REAL soon!

Cousin Time: My sister, her husband and their baby Rylee came down to visit for part of July. It was so fun to have all three girls together at once. Here are a few pictures from our time together. Adison was very fasinated with all of Rylee's hair.

Rylee's Baptism: I had the honor of becoming Rylee's Godmother during their trip to Washington.

Beach: We just spent the weekend with my parents and my sister's family. We had a great time!