Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Update 4-22-09

Good Morning!

Another round of good news for the girls. Today they are getting their temps tested. The hoods are up on their isolates and if they control their temp on their own all day they get to move into a crib together! I can't wait to see them both in one crib - they will be so happy to be cramped together again. Aubrey got her IV taken out this am, so all they are hooked up to is the monitors for their heart rate, respiratory rates and their temp gauge. They also have their "Baby Lo Jacks" on - it is their security tags so no one can take my girls from their room. Both girls are off their IV's now totally which will cause their weights to drop for a few days while the IV water weight is disappearing. Today Aubrey is back to her birth weight of 4.1 pounds. Adison gained a few ounces overnight but not enough to move her from 4.5 pounds. They both are getting baths today and are able to wear clothes now. I have to run to the store today after I am done here, since I have ONE preemie onesie. I did not realize that preemie clothes are SO hard to find! Aubrey hated her bath this morning! I told Jeff that I was shocked he could not hear her scream while he is working from home. She was not happy at all. Hopefully Adison will enjoy it a little more when she gets her bath at noon. Today there are "Family Rounds" happening in the NICU. That is when the babies whole team (their neonatolgist, nurse, respiratory therapist, social worker, lactation specialist, pharmacist and dietitian) come into their room to collaborate on the girl's care. I will post more if there is more info that come from the Family Rounds.

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