Sunday, September 27, 2009

Josh Comes to Visit

We had a nice relaxing weekend here at home. We watched the Cougs play pretty decent against USC. I know that UW beat them... but USC DID play with their star quarterback against us! We also hung out with our friend Josh on Sunday. Josh works with Jeff and he came to hang out with us. He stopped by and saw the girls, then went to the driving range with Jeff and then watched some It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia with us.

Here is a picture of Josh and Adison. Aubrey was asleep when we were having our photo shoot.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy Time

Rob and Jaymee Visit: We had a great weekend with Uncle Rob and Jaymee. We went to a yummy pizza place and hung out around the house. The girls even wore their clothes that Rob & Jaymee bought them when they were born. I am SO not responsible for the "Me, Mommy, Asshole" shirt that Aubrey has on. Blame that on Rob! Tummy Time at Grandma & Grandpa's: The girls are getting very good at Tummy Time. They are still spitting up all the time during this time but are loving it more and more each day. Aubrey seems to do a little bit better than Adison with Tummy Time. She is almost up crawling (check out her rear in the air)... uh oh!! Playing on the Exercisers: We have started using the Exercisers more with both girls. Aubrey was hysterical, she LOVED this new toy. She was jamming on the piano and laughing so much. Adison was playing on it to but was a little camera shy
Of course... Juno had to make an appearance

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Thank you Becky ~ We Love You!!!

We wanted to show the girls in their new outfits from Becky Callon! They are so cute... they even wore their baby Crocs! We also have some exciting news - Adison slept through the night without wearing her heart monitor last night and she was perfectly fine. We are trying to wean ourselves off of it by next week, lets see if Jeff and I can handle it!
We can't wait until the girls fit into the other clothes that Becky and Keena got them. Thanks so much - we love you!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

5 Months Old!

I can't believe the girls are 5 months old already. This time has flown by! They are getting so big and chunky! They are not the little preemies that I had back in April anymore.

We are so super busy it is not even funny! I am now back to work full time and things are finally getting into a routine. They girls are doing excellent at Baby School. They did get their first cold after the first week of school - of course! Aubrey still is fighting her cough but things are getting better daily. I am finding it very hard to teach 20 5-year olds at school, then pick up my 2 girlies, then cook dinner, then do laundry, etc. Luckily, Jeff is here and willing to pitch in whenever I need him. But, I DO NOT allow him to cook. I do not feel like having Macaroni and Cheese nightly, icky!

Today we got called back to Baby School 2 hours after Jeff dropped them off. He watched them until I could get home at 11:15. Adison had a little fever (from teething) yesterday when Jeff picked her up and they forgot to tell us that she could not return until 24 hours after the fever. So, I came home and of course they slept ALL day other than their one feeding! I got so much done - I changed out their closet, did all the laundry, etc! I need days like this monthly!!!! I went through their clothes and took out all the ones that are too small now. We are going to take their preemie clothes to the NICU they were at. I know they would love to use them! We are now trying to decide what to do with the other ones. Do we save them for more babies????

Here are some pictures from tonight. The white sleeper on the right is the girls first outfit that they wore in the NICU. They were actually really big on them... Notice how big the girlies are now!!!

Here is Aubrey after her bath

Here is Adison after her bath, I guess she wants to show off her muscles too!

We have been working really hard on Tummy Time also, check out this picture