Monday, April 13, 2009

Blogging from the Hospital

Good Afternoon! I finally have a minute where I am not getting poked and proded - I can let you all know what is going on.

After feeling icky all weekend, my water broke last night at home. We went to the hospital where they were deciding if they were going to take the babies last night or later. They decided to give me a steroid shot to help their lungs develop quicker. The Dr. decided today that we are going to try to make it to Wednesday before delivering. I am getting another steroid shot tonight and 24 hours after that, they will take the babies if I do not go into active labor before that. They are very hopeful that there will not be many complications since I will be 33 weeks tomorrow and will be getting both doses of the steroid. The girls will be going straight into the NICU - since they are still pretty young. How long they will be there is how well they are doing when they arrive.

We will keep you posted as much as we can!

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