Monday, August 31, 2009

Back to Work...

Well, today the girls went to Baby School for the first time (what we are calling Daycare to make me feel better) and did great - WAY better than Jeff and I did. I can't believe that I am already back at work... this all went way too fast! The teachers at their Baby School LOVE the girls. They were all so excited to see them. Aubrey did not sleep very well there today, which led to her being really grumpy tonight. But, she fell right asleep tonight so hopefully tomorrow will be better. They both spit up a little more than they normally do at home, but again hopefully they will be used to being fed by other people soon.

We have been so busy here, as you can tell by the lack of posting! We have been working on establishing a routine for the last few weeks to get ready for school. They continue to sleep really well! Jeff and I are so lucky. They started sleeping through the night at 3 months and will sleep anywhere from 7-11 hours at night. Adison is getting weaned off of her apnea monitor now. We are just using it as a security blanket for us at night. She has not had any episodes since July. We really only have her on it now when we're sleeping. They are both continuing to be great, happy babies... when Aubrey is in a good mood :)

We also took the girls to their 4 month old appointment a few weeks back. They both got 3 shots and 1 oral medicine. I LOVE the infant shot tech at the Doctor. She is amazing, they really only cry when they get the shot that burns. I would cry too!!! Their Pediatrician is not considering them preemies anymore. They are doing too well for that label. They are both in the 50% for their weight. Aubrey weighed 13.7 and Adison was 13.12. Adison is a little taller than Aubrey, she is in the 50% for height while Aubrey is lingering in the 25% for height. As soon as they can hold up their heads for a good bit on their own, we can start rice cereal. Oh, that is going to be fun if they continue spitting up!

Here are a few picture that my mom and my aunt took while they babysat the girls when I had a little procedure... Notice the big smiles!!!

My mom and I also took the girls to Family Day at my grandparents retirement home. Notice how proud my grandparents are. Every time one of their friends walked by, they would yell, "Hey - Come look at my twin great-granddaughters!" How cute!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Lions, Tigers and Multiplies.... Oh My!

Things are going great with the girls. I hate that I have to go back to work in 2 weeks and leave the girls care to someone else. I have to keep telling myself that they will be fine... I can't believe that they are 4 months already! They have changed so much lately, they are so big and their personalities are really shinning through.

Aubrey continues to be Miss High Maintenance lately. She LOVES to be held and there are nights where I give in and hold her until she is asleep just so we can have some peace and quiet and so that Adison can sleep! Other then that, she is doing wonderful. She is getting bigger and stronger by the day. She can hold up her head on her own and is almost ready to roll over. We take the girls to their 4 month appointments tomorrow, so it will be interesting to see what their weights are up to! Here are some new pictures of Aubrey

Adison on the other hand, continues to be her mellow self. She is a go with the flow baby (but right now she is the one crying and Aubrey is asleep, hmmm...) and really never cries unless she is hungry or she is having bathroom issues. Adison is also getting huge and very strong. She can almost hold up her head, but to disadvantage she does have a huge head! Her apnea issues are mostly gone. Jeff and I have been only monitoring her while she is sleeping since we are almost done with her monitor. I am trying to have her off of it when they start daycare on August 31st. Here are a few recent pictures of Adison

We also went to a Family Reunion for our fertility clinic's 20th year anniversary. I have never seen so many multiples in one place. Everywhere you looked their were twins dressed the same. I even saw one group of triplets. I bet we broke some record of the most multiples in one place. There were 2,000 of us their celebrating Oregon Reproductive Medicine's anniversary. There were 300 infants and 600 children too! We got to meet with our doctor again and have him meet the girls. We even got to check out some of the animals. Here are some pictures from our fun day - my new hair cut also makes an appearance here

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Lazy Sunday

In Memory of John Hughes

Ferris Bueller's Day Off is one of dad's favorite movies.

(10 days late, I know...)

Saturday, August 8, 2009

1st Trip to Aunt Linda's Hair Salon

We took our first trip to Aunt Linda's hair salon on Friday so I could get my hair cut. My hair was taking WAY too long to do in the mornings, so I decided to chop it! I will post pictures soon of the new hairdo!

Here are some pictures of Aunt Linda's with her great nieces!

When I am not so tired I will post more about our recent happenings here... it includes: the girl's Great-Grandpa's 82nd birthday, our visit to another car show, the girl's new nightly fussiness, their new feeding schedule, moving into 3 month old clothes, our upcoming zoo trip, getting ready for daycare, my trip to Yakima, etc. Wow - we have been busy!!!