Sunday, May 10, 2009

Settling in at Home

Jeff, Aubrey and I are settling in at home awaiting Adison's arrival next week sometime. Aubrey had her 1st Dr. appointment this morning. She was doing wonderful until the Dr. had us take all of her clothes off. That girl hates being naked and cold! The Dr. said that everything looks great for her! My Mom and I visited Adison today and she was doing great also. The Dr. is looking at Tuesday/Wednesday for her discharge date. She is getting sent home on a apnea monitor so Jeff and I can be aware of her reflux apnea issues while she is sleeping. This is scary that she is still having issues but it is totally normal for her age and she will grow out of it soon. Today at the Dr. Aubrey weighed 5.7 pounds and Adison weighed 5.9 at the hospital.

Here are some pics from Aubrey's first bath at home... She was a smelly baby!

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Meg Pie said...

Jen, you look AWESOME!