Thursday, May 28, 2009

It's quiet here - Time to blog...

It is actually quiet at the moment, so I must update this! Our lives are so busy - I am totally slacking on keeping this up to date. Things are settling at home. Jeff went back to work this week and luckly the two days that he went into the office, my parents split up and were here with me so I am not alone! Tons of thanks to them!!!! Today was a busy day for the girls. I had my 6 week appointment at my OB so my Dad so kindly came and watched Aubrey for me so I only had one baby to watch at the Dr's. Everything checked out great for me. Adison is going to the Dr. tomorrow to get a little check on her apnea. She is off and on with those cases. She can go a few days with no apnea but then she can have a severe case the next day. We are being worried parents and are taking her in to see what else we can do to make her grow out of this quicker.

Other than her apnea spells things have been going great. Jeff and I are both doing night duty for now. We have decided it is easier to both do it rather than split them up. We are keeping the girls on the same schedule, which is working wonderful. Yesterday we had a Community Health Nurse come out a weigh the girls. They are gaining weight so quickly. Two weeks ago Aubrey was 6.4, one week ago she was 6.14 and yesterday she was 7.7 - Wow! Two weeks ago Adison was 6.9, one week ago she was 7.5 and yesterday she was 7.14.

Here are some new tummy time pics and a pic of my two-handed feeding techniques ~ Enjoy!

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Meg Pie said...

They are changing so much!!!
I want to come cuddle them!!!