Thursday, May 14, 2009

2 kids at home tomorrow!

It has been such a long time since I have posted :(

Things are going really well at home. All Aubrey has been doing is eating, sleeping and pooping. She is rarely awake past her feedings, but that is normal for preemies. She usually sleeps anywhere from 2-4 hours then wakes herself up to be fed. She is a really good traveler too. She has been to my Uncle Dave's house for a Mother's Day BBQ and to Burgerville for a school function. She just slept the entire time at both places!

Adison is doing really well also. Her apnea episode are getting less frequent and less severe. She had one today after she was being fed, but fixed it on her own. Her last episode where she needed stimulation was yesterday while I was in the bathroom. She saved it for Jeff! We are headed home with her tomorrow and are bringing home a apnea home monitor for her. It is very loud and scary (for me) but we are glad to be bringing her home. I am nervous about the unknown and having two newborns at home but I am sure we will survive and be OK.

I can't believe it but the girls will be a month old tomorrow! They are still only 37 weeks and 2 days tomorrow but it has been a month since they were born! I am amazed by that!


Jen Caine said...

You and Jeff will do just fine! The monitors are very scary when they go off and I recall many times that we tripped and fell running to Cameron when his monitor went off. It will get better though and soon she won't need it at all! Sleep as much as you can when they are sleeping and enjoy every minute! It goes by so quickly! Love ya!
Jen ;-)

Sherry Conway said...

Welcome home Adison!!! Glad to hear all is well with the girls