Wednesday, May 6, 2009

1 Baby Coming Home

Jeff and I are running around trying to get everything ready because Aubrey is coming home tomorrow! She is doing so well that her Dr. can't see why she needs to stay there any longer. That has it's pros and cons - but Jeff and I are very excited to have one of our girls come home. Adison will be coming home in the middle of next week. She has to go 5 days with no apnea spells. She had one last night - please pray that she gets over that soon so she can come home and we can be our family of 4 finally!

I think we have everything ready - I THINK. We will see tomorrow. Forgive me if posting gets slower. I actually have a baby to take care of now!

Quick weight check - Aubrey 5.2 ~ Adison 5.7

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