Saturday, June 20, 2009

Picture Time!

Jeff and I are finding out that taking pictures of our little ones is NOT EASY! They don't sit still or smile when requested - what are they, babies??? Here are a few pictures of our photo shoot from today:

Here is Aubrey after her bath ~

Here is what happened when we tried to take her binkie away~

Here is Adison in the bath - notice the belly (small preemie, huh?)~

Here is our attempt to take a picture of them together... It goes from this OK one ~

To full blown chaos! ~


The Jensen said...

A few more days until Rylee can finally meet her cousins! I bet they will love on eachother. Tell Jeff Happy First Father's Day from the Jensen's

Meg Pie said...

HOLY COW everytime I look at recent pics of Adison she is more of a Conway through and through...I think she looks a lot like her Aunt Lindsey!!! Can't wait to love on the girls this week!!!