Sunday, June 28, 2009

First Restaurant Trip

Well, the girls officially have been to a restaurant. Even though Jeff was worried about me taking them there we all survived. The girls did not make a peep. They even allowed my Mom and I to do a little shopping afterwards while they were still silent. I HAVE to get them used to shopping - it is in their blood!

My Mom and I met our friends Gayle and Cindy (who brought her darling son Jackson) at Claim Jumper in Clackamas. We had a great lunch and we all got to see Cindy who is due with her son #2 any day now.

After their first outing to a restaurant, Jeff is being more relaxed and we all went to Chipotle with our friend Nathan on Saturday. The girls were again excellent. They were even quiet while some crazy lady was going ga-ga over them. She asked me if they were twins?!?! Hmm.....

Well, time for bed - the girls are sleeping so I should be sleeping!

Here are some pics from our fun lunch.


Meg Pie said...

oh you just wait!
we can get them out on the town!!!

Meg Pie said...

you should have told that lady they were 2 weeks apart just to see what she would say...ding dong!