Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

We just returned home from a busy Halloween night, actually 2 nights of Halloween fun! First, we went and trick-or-treated at my parent's house since they are out of town tonight. They gave the girls tons of baby food, cute socks and a book for each of them! Thanks :)

Tonight we went to see the girl's great-grandparents at their houses. First, we went to my grandparents house and were the hit of dinner at their retirement home! The girls had tons of fun seeing all of my grandparent's friends who came up to see them! They also LOVED seeing the big fish tank there. Actually, they liked watching the water bubbling more than looking at the neat fish. Here are some pictures from Great-Grandpa Howard and Great-Grandma Mary Lou's house.

Next, we went to see Great-Grandma Pat. She was so cute dressed up as a witch, like she has forever! We also got to see Auntie Meghan and Chuck there. They were so funny - dressed up like Costco food sample workers. Chuck even got the pleasure of having projectile vomit on him from Aubrey! At least he had his Costco apron on! Here are some pictures from Great-Grandma's house.

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