Thursday, October 15, 2009

Happy 6 Month Birthday!!!!

I can't believe that the girls are 6 months old today! Happy 1/2 birthday Aubrey & Adison!!!! We were so lucky to have Jeff's Uncle Gregg come visit us with his friend Chuck. We went to a yummy restaurant and played some Rock Band together while the girls were sleeping! Thanks Great Uncle Gregg for spending some fun times with us! Check out the cute pictures from their visit! We also got a Jumperoo for the girls. They have one at Baby School and totally love it! I was able to find one at a baby consignment store for a great price! Here are some pictures and video of their 1st time playing in it!

We all go to the Dr. next Wednesday. The girls have their 6 month Well Child Check and shots. Jeff and I are also going and getting flu shots & H1N1 shots along with the girls!

Have a great week!

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