Tuesday, November 9, 2010

30 on Tuesday?!?!

Ok, I am being a horrible blogger I will try and do 30 on Tuesday today to catch up on my missed weeks.

1) I HATE our camera. Somehow it got sand in it at the beach and has not worked well since. I have missed so many cute pics because it has decided not to work.

2) I am a college student again... I am attending Seattle Pacific University to finish up my Professional Certification. Fun, huh?

3) In April, when I graduate that will mean that I am totally done with college FOREVER, unless I go and finish my Special Education degree someday, like my Principal keeps telling me to do :)

4) My school is really working to prepare our kiddos for College. We have "College Bound" bulletin boards, etc. We are filling our display case with college things and guess who has a BUS size WSU poster that is going in there, hmmm ME!!!!

5) I have 24 fun, active, great Kindergartners in my room. I love teaching them - but that is what too many! I am currently not on overload by my district is having major overload issues. There is a 1/2 split with 29 now... Crazy!

6) We are teaching all the K kiddos winter songs for our Winter Program. They are so cute. I love how they all yell the parts that they know... "then dreidel i shall play, OH DREIDEL, DREIDEL, DREIDEL. That makes me giggle just thinking of it now.

7) We have been driving up and back to Tacoma in one night to watch my brother-in-law's football team play. Brian coaches for Bellermine Prep in Tacoma. The girls LOVE watching his team play football. They even can say and do the touchdown signal on command.

8) I HATE our camera.

9) Jeff and I are headed to see Daniel Tosh next Friday. Check him out - he is so dang funny!

10) We are also headed to Singing Christmas Tree is a couple weeks, Jeff can hardly wait!

11) We got our family Christmas photos taken on Saturday. We went to JCPennys and they were amazing! They spent almost a hour with us.

12) I love Glee~ I am getting so distracted - I wish this show was on nightly.

13) Maybe 30 was way too ambitious.

14) Almost half way there...

15) Who hoo!!!!! 1/2 way!

16) Jeff and I took the girls to the zoo on Sunday. It was awesome! We had to hide under a tree for five minutes to hide from the downpour. It rained off and on for the rest of the time but all the animals were out!

17) The new lion exhibit at the zoo has a training section where you are literally ten feet away from the lions which are behind a chain link fence. All three lions were training in there when we were at the zoo!

18) The girls are doing great with sign language. The both are able to say 5 or so words in sign language without prompting.

18) The girls are staring to talk a lot also!

19) They can say: mama, dada, ad-son (Adison), ab-re (Aubrey), gramma, gapa, touchdown (Aubrey relates our neighbors white truck to my dad and when she sees it she says gapa - touchdown!), ball, car, kit-t, quack quack (duck), mooooooooooo, peas (please).

20) Jeff is growing a mustache for MO-vember.

21) My car has 90,000 miles on it now :( ~ 1-2 trips a day to Camas sure add up.

22) The girls will be 19 months old on Monday. I can't believe how fast they are growing up.

23) Wow.. Schuester just kissed Beiste!

24) I saw my old boss on Little People, Big World last night. Let's just say not too fond memories popped in my head of him.

25) I have a new obsession with snack size baggies. I don't know why, they just make me happy :)

26) I am so confused with parents who see rain out the window, but send their kids to school with a short-sleeve shirt on and no coat.





Made it :)


The Gustafson Family said...

Your family is so cute! The girls' Halloween costumes were adorable! I love Glee too...it just makes me happy. I also cannot believe you have that many kindergarteners, my hats off to you!

dada said...

Hey! You cheated on a few of those. ;-)