Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Ten on Tuesday

1) Jeff is watching "Modern Marvels - Truck Stops" in the room I am in. Really?!?! This has got to be the lamest show ever... Oh wait, he watches car auctions too. Eww.

2) I guess I am too lazy tonight to get up from the couch and go watch interesting TV.

3) I am procrastinating hard-core. I have a pile of 24 conference reports to do for Thursday and Friday. They are sitting so nicely in my cute teacher bucket on the floor - I do not watch to disturb them.

4) Jeff and I took the girls to Roloff farms last weekend. So fun! They even got to go on the pony ride - Adison HATED it, Aubrey loved it. If you know them, you know how backwards that is.

5) We also went to the Columbia employee store last weekend. I heart that place, my new fuzzy jacket is amazing! I think they should give teachers year round passes to all employee store, it is a little payment for all we do.

6) School is still crazy. Some days I feel like I am herding cats. I have 24 kiddos, but we heard another K kiddo is coming, ugh :( My Principal observed me and wrote me the cutest note - "K teachers have a special place in Heaven." I just hope their is no snot, gas noises, whining or tattletales there.

7) Speaking of tattletales I have broken out the tattle phone in my room already. I have 3 girls that would tattle ALL DAY long if I let them. The tattle phone is red and goes straight to the President's Office!!! :) I have one girl who simply tells me, "Obama needs to hear this."

8) I had a little boy get stung today by a bee. Low and behold another little girl got stung in the bathroom later in the day... Hmm ?!?! Did they think I was going to fall for that?

9) Oh wow, Jeff is now watching a show about knives, ugh!

10) Aubrey and Adison are doing great. They both are in the beginning stages of potty training. It is exciting but I don't know if we are ready for the messes to come :)


Anonymous said...

I have the WORST tattlers too!!!!
I tell them..."then don't be there friend".

The Gustafson Family said...

I love the tattle phone idea...too cute!

Becky said...

the girls are growing up so fast! They are adorable. Come see us soon.