Thursday, August 5, 2010

Beach Trip!

Jeff and I took the girls to the Newport, Oregon to go to the beach today - we had tons of fun! We were gone about 12 hours and the girls did wonderful.

We went to Oregon Coast Aquarium

We then went to the beach! We hade to HIKE down and up this gigantic hill! I thought my calves were going to die on the way back up - Jeff was amazing and carried Aubrey back up for me ~ they get heavy so fast! The girls did NOT like the sand at all. Aubrey was fine once her shoes were back on but you can see that Adison wanted nothing to do with the beach!!!

Aubrey wanted to play forever - we decided it was time to go when her lips were turning blue!

We then went into the town of Newport to walk along the piers. We got to see the famous sea lions!

This is what happened 5 minutes after we loaded up in the car to head home!!!


The Jensen said...

It looks like you guys had a ball. What a fun day for the kids!

Misti and Eric said...

Your girls are growing up so quickly and are so darn cute!