Sunday, April 11, 2010

Long overdue update...

Time has been flying by here. I can't believe that the girls are going to be a year old on Thursday!!! It is so sad, they are not my little babies anymore. Here is a quick picture update...

We decided to dress the girls head to toe in Cougar gear. Jeff claims that they look like boys (I agree, but we have to start them early on knowing the correct school!)

I also took the girls to the zoo with my parents over Spring Break. Jeff was working but my mom and dad were babysitting Rylee so we took a big trip to the zoo.

We also took a small Conway trip to Beaches for Easter lunch. There were only 24 of us there! Adison was very brave and was the only baby to sit on the Easter Rabbit's lab without screaming. She is in love with anything with fur. I took them to see the Easter Rabbit at the mall and she screamed when I TOOK her from the bunny. What a silly girl!

We also have been transitioning the girls over to whole milk and off of formula. They have been doing great with it! Luckily the girls got Jeff's milk lover genes! We just made up our last bit of the last can of formula for Baby School tomorrow. So sad, but I will NOT miss the large expense of formula!

Aubrey also started walking!!!! She is now able to take a few steps on her own but still wants to hold on to something to do it. We have not been able to catch it on camera, yet.

Have a great week!

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Keana C. said...

I literally jumped for joy when Joey got off formula! Such a relief.

I can't believe the girls are almost one! Are you guys throwing a party?