Wednesday, January 13, 2010

We are back!!

We are so sorry we have not updated in so long!!!! I rarely get a chance to sit down without a child trying to grab at my keyboard. Jeff and I are trying a new bedtime for the girls, so I can finally sit and type alone!

We have had a lot of things happening around the Gay household lately. Here is a wrap-up of the last month:

In early January, we lost my Grandfather. He led a long and wonderful life. With his first heart attack at 35 and 4 open heart surgeries, he was a medical miracle. I am so thankful that he got to spend time with our girls and they will have memories of him. They even got to spend their first Christmas with him! I am so happy that I got to be with him for his last few days. He said some very touching good-byes to me that I will treasure my whole life. Here are a few picture of Great-Grandpa Howard with our girlies.

We had our first Christmas as a family. The girls were spoiled by everyone around them. We are so thankful for our loving family and friends. Check out some Christmas pictures.

The girls have been growing hair like mad! Now I can make mohawks!!!!!!

We ventured out in the blistery 10 degree weather. Thank goodness for darling snow suits!

The girls also are eating new fruits and veggies daily. Some they LOVE -

Others, LOVE is not the word -


The Jensen said...

what cute pictures! Thanks for the update!

Meg Pie said...

Very cute! So lucky to have those pics of them and Grandpa!