Monday, September 21, 2009

Busy Time

Rob and Jaymee Visit: We had a great weekend with Uncle Rob and Jaymee. We went to a yummy pizza place and hung out around the house. The girls even wore their clothes that Rob & Jaymee bought them when they were born. I am SO not responsible for the "Me, Mommy, Asshole" shirt that Aubrey has on. Blame that on Rob! Tummy Time at Grandma & Grandpa's: The girls are getting very good at Tummy Time. They are still spitting up all the time during this time but are loving it more and more each day. Aubrey seems to do a little bit better than Adison with Tummy Time. She is almost up crawling (check out her rear in the air)... uh oh!! Playing on the Exercisers: We have started using the Exercisers more with both girls. Aubrey was hysterical, she LOVED this new toy. She was jamming on the piano and laughing so much. Adison was playing on it to but was a little camera shy
Of course... Juno had to make an appearance

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The Jensen said...

They are getting so big! Rylee can't wait to see them. Hww are they sleeping?